The Hero In You Book

After spending more than a year studying under a Shaolin temple descendant and inspirational leader named Herman Siu, both Mike Valley and Justin Goldman realized they had discovered a beautiful new formula for better living. Sharing Herman's formula and wisdom - along with a new global movement called Every Drop Counts - is the focal point of this book. It's also the final piece of Mike and Justin's trilogy on the body, mind and spirit, concluding a journey that spanned over six years.

The Hero's Formula, simple and effective in form and function, offers people everywhere a way to harness the unlimited power of the inner self to improve their daily performance. Through this formula, Herman shares his unique mix of ancient and modern teachings in order to inspire you to find positive ways to become one percent better every day.

This book not only contains a short and enjoyable breakdown of each step in Herman's formula, it also includes candid interviews with a special group of today's heroes:

+ Linda Cohn, one of the most revered and respected sports broadcasters of all time.
+ Christopher Howard, son of George Howard, one of the First Responders on 9/11.
+ Kathy David, a successful entrepreneur and business leader based in California.
+ Rich Peverley, a former NHL Stanley Cup champion and current humanitarian.

Their stories bring the Hero's Formula to life in a relatable way, proving that everyone has the capacity and potential to achieve greatness. But in order to make the world a better place, you must first learn to better yourself and those around you. That means the search for The Hero In You begins by understanding the true power of your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. By sharing this simple formula for personal growth, we can all reconnect with our common ancestry and amplify our common desire for greatness.


Herman Siu is a sixth generation Shaolin temple descendant. He’s a world renowned inspirational leader, team consultant and wisdom seeker. His teachings and guidance are heavily sought after by business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, motivational speakers and industry leaders around the world. Visit to learn more.

Mike Valley is a former NHL goalie coach and the co-author of The Power Within and Embracing The Grind. As an entrepreneur, Mike has been involved with multiple start-ups, including Elite Goalies, AXIS Goaltending, NetWork Goaltending, Next Testing, GamePay and ESPOT TV. Mike is originally from Vancouver, Canada but currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two daughters.

Justin Goldman is the owner of The Goalie Guild, a nonprofit (501-c3) foundation dedicated to educating, inspiring, and developing goalies and goalie coaches around the globe. He’s also the creator of the Lift The Mask mental health awareness program and the author of The Power Within, Embracing The Grind, Between Two Worlds, and The Periodic Table of Goaltending Elements.

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